Wild West Exodus Gunslinger Organised Play

Gunslinger Organised Play Events

Starting with Warcradle Studios Gunslinger League, you can begin learning the game with the posse set for your chosen faction, and then expand your collection over the course of six weeks to take part in 1500-point force dust-ups.

The Gunslinger League not only rewards your in-game victories but also your skills with a brush! In fact, if you're an eager hobbyist you can enter the league and score points just for assembling and painting your models. Compete in or enjoy playing Gunslinger tournaments as part of the Gunslinger organised play experience!

All Gunslinger events are designed to be easy for players of any skill level to participate in and track their results. There’s no need for complicated tables or charts to run or play in a Gunslinger event. All you need is enthusiasm, creativity and a group of players with the desire to destroy foes!

It’s time to start your journey into Wild West Exodus with our easy to follow organised play events.

Download the Organised Play PDF
Updated 19/02/18