New Assembly Instructions

Armoured Justice Instructions

Confederate Rebellion Instructions

Father of the Enlightened Instructions

No Surrender Instructions

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Gun Fight at Red Oak Instructions

Legendary Carpathian Instructions

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Magenta Alpha Instructions

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Bandit Hex Cutthroats Gunmen Instructions

Raider Hex Cutthroats Gunmen Instructions

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Union Armoured Riflemen Guard Instructions

Brave Youngbloods Hunters Instructions

Plains Warriors Stalkers Instructions

Deputised Gunslingers Sharpshooters Instructions

Veteran Rangers Ranger Minutemen Instructions

Spica Cohort Instructions

Reaver Headhunters and Harriers Instructions

Grey Pulse Myriad and Drain Myriad Instructions

Brave with Plainswalker Crossbow Instructions

Brave with Gatling Gun Instructions

Confederate Trooper with Heavy Slugger Instructions

Construct with Manreaper Shotgun Instructions

Deputy with Liberty Gatling Gun Instructions

Deputy with Volcanic Shotgun Instructions

Grey Elite Instructions

Gunmen with Juiced Shotgun Instructions

Gunmen with Juiced Sniper Rifle Instructions

Phonic Blaster Menial Instructions

Reaver with Heavy Electrocoil Instructions

Union Trooper with Gallant Rocket Pod Instructions

Union Trooper with Liberty Gatling Gun Instructions