Free 2nd Edition Rulebook

Wild West Exodus Second Edition is fast approaching...

We bet you can't wait and neither can we!

So, how do you get your hands on your free copy of the Second Edition Rulebook?

I OWN the First Edition Rulebook

Any First Edition rulebook counts, including a copy from the Two Player Starter Set!


The current plan is for us to send a beautiful A4 colour softback rulebook (over 100 pages) to your local FLGS for you to collect.  It will contain all of the rules for Second Edition, along with some background and hundreds of photos/artwork.

Register for a copy of the Second Edition

I want to BUY the First Edition Rulebook

Excellent! Get yours from here or from your FLGS for only £10 (a total bargain, I know) which will then entitle you to a FREE copy of the Second Edition, when it is released.

It's a shame really, now there really is no excuse not to play Wild West Exodus...