Welcome to the rules section of Wild West Exodus.

We are proud to anounce we have launched the new ruleset of Wild West Exodus.

All downloadable resources are listed below:

Download Rules v1.04  - Updated 01/12/17 to include latest ERRATA

FAQ and ERRATA V1.04 - Updated 01/12/17

Download Conditions & Common Rules v1.00 - Updated 29/09/17

Download Action Cards v1.00 - Updated 29/09/17

Download Adventure Cards v1.00 - Updated 29/09/17

Download Tokens and Templates v1.00 - Updated 29/09/17

Download Base Templates - Updated 14/06/17

Download Rules v1.00  - Updated 29/09/17

First Edition

Even though the new Edition is here, you can still access and download all of the First Edition rules and cards from here:

Download First Edition rules & stat cards (50mb)