Welcome to the rules section of Wild West Exodus.

We are very excited to announce that we are now Beta testing the Second Edition ruleset for Wild West Exodus. You can now download everything you need to play Second Edition below.

We are actively seeking feedback on the rules and how you get on with them. You can provide your feedback using the links below:

Download Draft Rules v0.16 - Updated 14/07/17

Download Unit Special Rules v0.17 - Updated 20/07/17

Download Action Cards v0.06 - Updated 07/06/17

Download Adventure Cards v0.07 - Updated 14/06/17

Download Tokens and Templates v0.15 - Updated 14/07/17

Download Stat Cards V0.14 - Updated 26/07/17

Download Faction Guide V0.08 - Updated 23/06/17

Download Base Templates - Updated 14/06/17


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First Edition

Even though we have now moved on to Second Edition you can still download all of the First Edition rules and cards.

Download First Edition rules & stat cards (50mb)