Mole Machine
Mole Machine
Mole Machine Mole Machine

Mole Machine

Reference: WEX161116001

Being Reprinted

Data sheet

Tainted Untainted
Faction 2 Hex
Unique No
Faction 3 Outlaws
Species Machine
Gender Vehicle
Unit Type Support
Faction Enlightened
Material Resin

£ 56.99

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The Confederate Rebellion army has seen death and destruction ravage their states.  Beaten by the Union during the Civil War, the leaders of the Confederate States of America have abolished slavery and joined forces with all men and women of the South.  Their fight against a stronger and more advanced enemy has ignited a strong love of state and government.  The CSA generals fight side by side with their men and want nothing but the complete destruction of the Union army.  They use surprise assaults and guerrilla warfare to even the odds against much more powerful foes.  Their men and women are supplied by Dr. Carpathian Industries allowing access to deadly and corrupt weapons.  Rumours of Voodoo magic and the undead fighting alongside Rebel troops have been whispered about for years.

This Blister contains

  • 1x Resin Model
  • No Base

Please Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly maybe required


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