K9 Attack Dogs
K9 Attack Dogs
K9 Attack Dogs K9 Attack Dogs K9 Attack Dogs K9 Attack Dogs

K9 Attack Dogs

Reference: WEX111013001

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Data sheet

Faction Multi-Faction
Unit Type Hands
Species Machine
Gender Automata
Unique No
Allegiance Confederate
Tainted Untainted
Material Plastic

£ 11.00

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Although very early experiments with mechanical companions can be traced back to the clockwork fox created to amuse Prussian nobility through to the steam powered bulldogs who once upon a time accompanied Crown constabulary about their duties, it was the Enlightened who perfected the robotic dog by merging their own mechanical mastery with a refined RJ-1027 power source. 

Created as guard dogs and sentries during the early days of Payson’s growth from small town to impregnable fortress city, the K9 automata are unusual in that they were and still are entirely mechanical. As the Enlightened moved towards using more esoteric materials in their inventions the K9 has remained as one of their few creations that have not been in some part made partly of living tissue. This is a testament to its reliability.

When Nikolai Tesla defected to the Union the K9 was one of the few inventions he deemed suitable for dissemination amongst the Union military and formed part of the price of his freedom. Working with Union scientists and engineers Tesla perfected and improved the K9 creating the CCLE model. This machine was an improvement on the capabilities of its Enlightened forbear and capable of being mass produced by factories granted licences by the federal government on the understanding that the majority of their production is made available to the Union army but with a modest percentage being permitted for sale on the open market. 

The K9 Attack Dog is fast and strong, able to traverse uneven terrain at speed and knock down a fully grown man. It is controlled with simple voice commands that are pre-programmed factory settings though unscrupulous engineers have been known to hack and reprogram K9’s with custom behavioural routines. K9 Attack Dogs are armed with pneumatic steel jaws that can close with more force than a bear trap. This is more than capable of severing a limb though a specific command is required to switch to this more powerful setting.

Though primarily used by the Union army and sanctioned Lawmen, K9 units have found their way into the hands of less desirable owners. The controls on sales to the general public are such that your run of the mill outlaw is unlikely to be able to either afford the asking price or pass the requirements of ownership such as no previous convictions. This being the case most K9s owned by Outlaws are either stolen or black market knock-offs. Regardless of where they came from they are just as dangerous.

This contains

  • 2 K9 Attack Dogs

Please Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly is required


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