Warrior Nation

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Preferring to live out their lives alongside nature, the Warrior Nation dwell in concord with the rhythms of the Earth, attuned to the seasons and the weave of life and death that binds all living things together. Able to wield a form of spirit energy, they are the defenders of the natural world, guardians of all things spiritual. Recent years have seen mounting aggression against the Warrior Nation in North America by the Union and their settlers.

With growing threats and omens of darker times to come, the Warrior Nation understand that this must be the greatest cause in which they fight, for no land endures long if it cannot take up arms against those that wish it harm. Standing unified against their enemies the Warrior Nation are humanity’s greatest hope, whether the rest of the world realises it or not…

To play with a Force of the Warrior Nation, you must first select one or more Boss units to lead them. Each Boss may command a Posse to allow them to bring Faces, Hands and Support units to your Force.

The Faction Posse card below is available to any unit with the Warrior Nation and BOSS traits. Instead of taking the Faction Posse, a Boss may have a Theme Posse available to them. This will be listed under their entry in the Boss section below. You may choose when creating your Force whether the Boss will take a Theme Posse or the Faction Posse.


Unit Cards

Please click a thumbnail below to view the Unit's Stat Card. If you spot something wrong, broken or boring about one of our unit cards please let us know via our Card Feedback Form.


Please note: That any units marked with UNRELEASED are not legal for tournament use.



The Apache Kid

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Walks Looking

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White Buffalo

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Ahota The Tireless

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Manaba The Oath Keeper

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Tiponi The Vengeful

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Yurona Chitai

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Legendary Ichiko Kuga

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Brave Youngbloods

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Brave Hunters

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Plains Warriors

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Plains Stalkers

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Sky Stallions

Great Spirit Shamans

Spirit Apparition

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Kaga Brothers

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Kaga Fire Bringer

Weylyn Spirit Walkers

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Great Thunderbird

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Greater Spirit Totem

Small Spirit Totem



Booby Trap


Wayland the Smith

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Hunting Wolves

Assembly Guide
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